17 Health Professionals To Watch in 2018


2017 has been a stand out year in the Pasadena health community - a lot of collaboration has happened, patients cared for and progress made. The success of 2017 couldn't have happened without everyone pitching in, but there are 17 faces and names that have stood. Continue below to read Vital Head & Spine's 17 Health Professionals To Watch in 2018.

Kimberley I. Shine, MD

Dr. Kim Shine, of Shine Health and Wellness is Board Certified in Family Medicine and one of the most trusted family doctors in Pasadena. She provides individualized treatment to every patient and family and provides great care and insight into matters of women's health.


Tina Payne Bryson, PhD

Tina Payne Bryson, founder and executive director of The Center for Connection, is an accomplished pediatric and adolescent psychotherapist. She has authored The Whole Brain Child, The Yes Brain, and many more. 


Yoshi Rahm, D.O.

Dr. Yoshi Rahm, of Oasis Family Medicine, is making huge strides in regenerative medicine. As a Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician, he is honored to care for and strive for optimum health for everyone in the community, from newborns to geriatrics.


Lotus Center for Integrative Medicine

The entire Lotus Center has been doing great things this year. With a focus on Oriental Medicine and Reproductive Health, the Lotus Center finds innovative solutions for restoring health leading patients to fully trust and rely on the practice.


Peter Bedard

Peter Bedard, author of Convergence Healing, is an expert in treating addiction and providing alternative solutions for pain management. With a holistic and well-rounded form of treatment, he has helped so many people and is sure to help many more in 2018.


Anne Kuo, D.O.

Dr. Anne Kuo, of Oasis Family Medicine, is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician as well as a Board Certified Integrative and Holistic Medicine Physician. She is committed to maximizing wellness and treating the whole person, and she specializes in areas of regenerative medicine alongside her partner, Dr. Yoshi Rahm.


Anita Red, MD

Dr. Anita Red is an independent practice owner with a board certification in Psychiatry and Neurology. Valuing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of patients and their families, Dr. Red is an expert in child psychology and a great option if looking for opinions on ADHD management.


Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists

Evergreen PT is a long beloved practice for patients looking for sports or balance rehabilitation. With a tight knit group of trusted practitioners leading the helm, this business was one of Pasadena's 2017 favorites and is sure to maintain the title in 2018.


Alexis Anvekar MD ABIHM

Dr. Anvekar, of The Leela Integrative Medicine Center, is the woman to see when looking for help in integrative medicine. With specializations in neurofeedback and concussion care, Dr. Anvekar is one of the top practitioners in the Pasadena area.


Dr. Darrick Sahara

Dr. Darrick Sahara, of The Sahara Clinic, is the man to see for Alternative Sports Rehab. As the former Dallas Cowboys doc and currently working with the USC football, Dr. Sahara has seen his fair share of sports injuries and definitely knows what he's talking about when maximizing your recovery and care plan.


Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Heather Jeffcoat, founder of Fusion Wellness Physical Therapy and author of Sex Without Pain, has made her mark in the Pasadena area through her specialty in pelvic floor physical therapy. If you have any questions about women's, postpartum or sexual health, Heather is the woman to see.


Colleen Crosby

Colleen Crosby, a certified facilitator of the Resilience Toolkit and certified TRE provider, is a beloved massage therapist at Lumos Transforms. Colleen integrates bodywork with therapeutic tremor to help clients mov through personal block and pain.


Lara Weithorn

Lara Weithorn, of the Myofascial Release Center, is a myofascial release therapist who takes personal interest in every client's wellbeing after experiencing many years of sports injury pain herself. She is detailed and gentle when caring for her clients and specializes every treatment to the individual.


Julia Suh

Julia Suh is a spectacular holistic home chef, yoga teacher and body worker. Founder of Nourished by Hand, Julia offers a variety of services that ensure mental, spiritual, and physical health for her clients. She has quickly become beloved in Pasadena for her intuitive and nurturing care. 


Gin Goei, D.D.S.

Dr. Gin Goei, of Huntington Dental Excellence, is a go-to for family dentistry in the Pasadena area. In addition to her astute care in general dentistry, she also specializes in treating TMJ. We look forward to seeing what she brings into 2018!


Clement Lee, NMD

Clement Lee, founder of Optimal Health & Wellness, has created an integrative approach to wellness that treats his patients in an effective and efficient manner. He is a leader in the community in exploring IV Nutrition as a part of his Regenerative Medicine and finds collaboration to be key in many endeavors of natural healing.


Dr. Shinshan Wang, ND

Dr. Wang, of the Wang Center for Naturopathic Health, believes in a holistic, patient-central approach to healthcare. She views the patient-doctor relationship as a partnership, therefore creating a deeper and stronger bond of trust within each practice of care.

Be sure to watch out for these 17 Pasadena professionals as they take 2018 by storm. And if you're looking to end 2017 on a relaxing note, visit Hot8Yoga, another one of our favorites, for their Yin Yoga.

Happy Holidays!
- from the Vital Head & Spine team