Mother's Day Wellness Gift Guide

The Mother’s Day countdown has begun! Here at Vital, we love our moms as much as you do but we’re tired of the same old chocolates and flowers as gifts. This year, we vowed to take a different approach by showering our moms with gifts that support her healthy and active lifestyle. We’ve compiled a use, fun and healthy gift guide to help them live better every day, even after Mother’s Day.

Flotation Therapy

When we say, “floating”, we literally mean floating in water. Flotation Therapy is an effortless way to relax and renew the body. You step into a private tub filled with less than a foot of warm water saturated with Epsom salt and just float away into relaxation. Research shows that flotation therapy helps with stress and pain management as well as encourages meditation and mindfulness. Perfect addition to a spa day! If you live in southern California, check out Just Float in Pasadena!

Toe Stretchers

YogaToes® are a staff favorite here at Vital. After a day on our feet, putting these on provide much-needed relief. They stretch and strengthen your entire foot, including toes, to restore the vital movements and sensations that are lost in wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers provide the benefits and relaxation of a deep tissue massage but for a fraction of the price. They help soothe tight, sore areas (known as “trigger points”) and speed up muscle recovery. For those who can’t experience a massage every day, these foam rollers are a great alternative!

Aromatherapy Oils

People have been using essential oils to treat pain since ancient times. They can be as effective as modern day treatments, but with fewer side effects. If Mom often complains pain, get her peppermint essential oil to soothe her aching muscles. It not only relieves pain, but also reduces inflammation that causes the pain. Likewise, lavender essential oil commonly used to relieve headaches and neck pain also helps reduce the stress and anxiety.

ClassPass Membership

Being active is a great way to Feel Better and Live Bigger. ClassPass is the perfect gift for Moms who love variety in their lives. It’s designed to help you explore tons of studios and classes, challenge yourself with different ways to work out, and get you into the kind of fitness you feel passionate about. ClassPass is available in over 20 cities, nationwide.