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It’s Mother’s Day and I hear the laughter and excitement of my kids in the kitchen as they wrap my gifts. The overall mood in my house is filled with joy and contentment, but why am I still in bed?

For too many years, I struggled to be the mom I wanted to be despite chronic pain.  I tried desperately to mask my migraines through prescription pain medication or spending hours in the dark in bed. I was one of millions of American women suffering from chronic pain and migraines. Women like Elizabeth Phillips, a Vital Head & Spinal Care alumni and mother of two, who has suffered from migraines for more than a decade.

After countless appointments with headache specialists, neurologists and experimenting with different pain medications (most with negative side effects); Elizabeth was feeling the emotional and physical burden of migraines and chronic pain. Many mothers who come to Vital express similar feelings of being overwhelmed by the needs of their spouses, children, colleagues at work, and overall demands of daily life. Holding all these unspoken stresses inside compounds the physical pain, leading to unending suffering.

Determined to find a way to live a better life, Elizabeth’s mother referred her to Dr. Licata. After several appointments with medical doctors and finding no relief of her pain, she was open to new treatment options. After completing eight weeks at Vital using NUCCA techniques to realign Elizabeth’s body with her brain, she was a different person.

At the end of her chronic migraine pain treatment at Vital, Elizabeth finally found relief of her headaches or migraines and was rarely taking pain medications. “As long as I continued with treatments at Vital, my pain was under control, it was easier to deal with stress, and my life was not spent in a dark, cold room waiting for the pain to subside,” Elizabeth has said of her experience at Vital.

For all the mothers who suffer daily with chronic migraine pain, Elizabeth shares these words of encouragement:

“As I write this, I am crying. My pain journey is not over. Dr. Licata and his team can help, and although it might not seem like a lot, the minimal movements he makes in your body allow you to build strength. Not only does Dr. Licata help you build strength physically, he and his team, with their kindness and understanding, will help you build your inner strength as well.”  - Elizabeth Phillips, Vital Alumni

Instead of treating symptoms, Vital Head & Spinal Care treats the CAUSE of pain so that the brain and body properly communicate, and YOU can finally live with the health and vitality you deserve.

This Mother’s Day, choose to Feel Better and Live Bigger.

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Elizabeth Phillips after her eight-week NUCCA treatment with Vital. Living Better, Feeling Better.

Elizabeth Phillips after her eight-week NUCCA treatment with Vital. Living Better, Feeling Better.