Post-Concussion | Why You Need a TEAM of Doctors to Help You


Many people need to be involved in managing a concussion. For student athletes, this team already consists of the parents, coaches, athletic trainer, and school administrators. But what healthcare professionals do you need as part of your recovery?


When you’ve had a potential concussion, immediate assessment as well as re-examinations are indicated by a medical professional trained in concussion diagnosis and management. A full neurological evaluation will be a critical aspect of ensuring that you receive the proper diagnosis. Specific baseline and post-concussion testing results will allow your neurologist to have a more comprehensive understanding of your brain health status. Your neurologist will also rule out more serious complications that can occur with brain trauma.

Head & Neck Specialist

Since your head and neck are connected through many muscles and ligaments, a neck injury often accompanies your brain injury (the concussion). A neck injury can cause irritation to the nervous system, affecting the way the signals from your brain reach the rest of your body. Head and neck specialists exist to ensure that the vital connection between your brain and body is functioning optimally.


Neuropsychological evaluations assess:

  • memory

  • attention

  • reasoning

  • other cognitive skills

This is useful in both diagnosis and management of concussion. Many neuropsychologists are trained to be able to determine the best course of action for returning to school and sports after a concussion. A clinical neuropsychologist also has a wide variety of tools to be able to help patients recover utilizing psychoeducation and rehabilitation programs.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Many symptoms of concussion are related to the vestibular system, including:

  • headache

  • dizziness

  • blurred vision

  • balance problems

If these symptoms have not resolved on their own within two weeks, specific rehabilitation procedures by physical therapists and vision therapists can be utilized to help expedite recovery.


The doctors at Vital Head & Spinal Care are part of the Pasadena Interdisciplinary Community, which is a team of healthcare professionals seeking integrative options for their patients to help achieve maximum health and wellness. They are committed to helping you find the right healthcare team, whether you have suffered from a concussion or are experiencing other chronic conditions. 

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