Request a Phone Consult?

Why Phone Consults?

We have now served over 2500 people throughout greater Los Angeles transform from pain to thriving since 2008.  We continue to see “miracles” in chronic headaches, migraines, chronic pain, TMJ pain, dizziness, and post-concussion symptoms, among others.

I have personally come to understand the frustrations of trying to get answers from your conventional medical doctors, only to feel overwhelmed by all the claims and promises of so many non-allopathic health professionals.  

Our mission at Vital Head & Spine is to connect you with the resources needed to acheive the breakthrough to reach the next level in your health and function.  While we have some of the most advanced brain-based skills and tools to help many acheive transformative results, we want to make sure you find the right fit for your own needs.   

This is why we started providing 10-minute phone consults to better undertand your needs, answer any questions, and give you trusted advice on alternative solutions which may be cheaper or more appropriate. 

We collaborate with over 100 trusted health professionals throughout Pasadena, and Greater Los Angeles, and refer regularly to others when appropriate.  We do not gain anything by doing so, other than the satisfaction of knowing we can help.  

Some example questions you may want to consider are: 

  • What is really causing my limitation right now? 

  • Am I pursuing care that addresses the cause, or am I pursuing care that will mask the symptoms? 

  • Is the cause mental, structural, or biochemical? 

  • Are there multiple factors contributing to my current health needs? 

  • Will one person or practice have all the answer? Or do I need a team or collaborative approach to handle the complex nature of my case? 

  • If NUCCA can help, how does it help so many different types of people? And who is it not best suited for?  

  • Are there cheaper alternatives? 

And many many more….

If you are interested in scheduling a short phone consult, you can follow the link to my personal schedule. 


I look forward to connecting with you, and being a resource for you, whether you become a patient, or not. 


Dr Licata

Owner, Vital Head & Spinal Care