19 Innovative Health Groups to Watch in Pasadena in 2019

2018 has been a record year in Pasadena - with increasing collaboration and knowledge-sharing with local health professionals from various disciplines and specialties. 2019 promises to even bigger. We love and work with so many more professionals than we could possibly list here, however we want to highlight a few groups who are changing health culture in Pasadena, and beyond.

Wang Center for Naturopathic Health (link)

Dr Shinshan Wang and her team incorporate functional medicine and naturopathic training to care for complex autoimmune and hormonal imbalances, as well as optimizing biochemical balance through an interdisciplinary approach to case management.

Femina PT (link)

Femina specializes in high quality pelvic floor rehabilitation for women of all ages. Lead by Heather Jeffcoat, DPT, Femina continues to break taboos and empower women to improve quality of life in all seasons of life.

Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness (link)

Dr Sanda Moldovan incorporates innovative imaging, ozone therapy, and regenerative medicine to help with some of the most complex dental cases. Dr Maldovan has co-managed on some of the most challenging TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and occult dental infection cases with stellar success.

Evergreen Physical Therapy (link)

The team of physical therapists and athletic trainers at Evergreen are leading the way in Interprofessional Collaboration, as they push the boundaries in functional rehabilitation, prehabilitation, and vestibular rehab.

Evergreen Physical Therapy

Evergreen Physical Therapy

Mindful Pediatric Gastroenterology (link)

Drs Bultron and Malhotra have created a unique pediatric and gastrointestinal practice that incorporates integrative medicine, mindfulness with conventional medical care. They are also nfluencing the way future medical doctors approach career, purpose, and work life balance through their writings and affiliations with UCLA.

Anchor Children and Family Counseling (link)

Lead by Melissa Springstead, PsyD, LMFT, Anchor Counseling is incorporating novel technologies with ancient mindfulness practices. Whether utilizing qEEG based Neurofeedback or Community Yoga classes, Anchor is blazing new trails in caring for kids and families in Pasadena.

The Center for Connection (link)

The Center for Connection is lead by best-selling author, Tina Payne Bryson (The Whole Brain Child, No Drama Discipline, and The Yes Brain) and boasts over 20 of the best interprofessional child development and mental health teams in Los Angeles.

The Center for Connection

The Center for Connection

Holistic Healing Heart Center (link)

Dr Cynthia Thaik, MD is a Harvard-trained cardiologist who integrates mainstream cardiology with nutrition and holistic therapy to address the whole person with heart disease. Dr Thaik and her team have been making dramatic changes in patient health markers in consistent and exciting ways.

Huntington Dental Excellence (link)

Huntington Dental Excellence is a premier dental group who also specialize in Neuromuscular Dentistry for complex TMJ care and management. Dr Gin Goei works with various TMJ specialists, including Vital Head and Spine on some of the most challenging TMJ cases.

Lotus Center for Integrative Medicine (link)

Lotus Center has built it’s reputation as a strong Oriental Medicine Practice with an emphasis on scientific and academic collaboration. They have been active with Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, UCLA, and travel speaking on various topics including fertility and functional medicine.

Thrive Center for Human Development (link)

Thrive Center is based out of Fuller School of Psychology, and promotes human thriving based on both science and spirituality. Thrive Center is led by Dr Pamela King, and is active in studying and promoting the role of spirituality and character in human thriving.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 6.25.25 PM.png

Lumos Transforms (link)

Lumos Transforms is an interprofessional team led by Nkem Ndefo, providing resilience support to heal from trauma, manage stress, and build strength. They provide the Resilience Toolkit training for clients, professionals and organizations.

Oasis Family Medicine (link)

Oasis has a wonderful mix of concierge medicine, integrative health, and regenerative medicine resources. Led by Dr Yoshi Rahm, this team is relentless in their pursuit for deeper healing therapies along with the highest standards of care.

Playstrong Institute (link)

Playstrong is set to change the culture in child development and child education as it trains educators and mental health professionals in the science and practice of Play Therapy.

Optimal Health (link)

Whether you’re interested in IV vitamin therapy, Nutrient Shots, or regenerative joint injections, Optimal Health is a one-stop-shop for your “biohacking” needs.

Forward (link)

Forward is a high-tech, membership-based, preventive care business in the Americana at Glendale Galleria and Century City. This innovative business is paving the way to improve your human potential, while you shop for holiday gifts.



The Institute for Girls’ Development (link)

The Institute focuses on empowering girls, women, families, and their circles of community through strength-based programs. They offer therapy, community education workshops and events for girls and parents, and professional training for educators and mental health professionals.

PEAK Physical Therapy (link)

Peak is a boutique group of hands-on physical therapists who have opted out of the high-volume model of most physical therapy practices, focusing instead on deep problem-solving and high-touch therapy to help clients get the next breakthrough in their function.

Mind Health Institute (link)

This interdisciplinary practice of psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed therapists uses conventional and alternative therapies including neurofeedback, exercise, and mindfulness to help their clients achieve greater balance.


These groups, while not considered health practices, are leading the way in promoting innovative changes on a community level.

Interprofessional Community Pasadena (link)

The Interprofessional Community emerged to meet the needs of the changing landscape in healthcare, promote interprofessional collaboration, and promote patient-centered care in Pasadena. With over 150 professional collaborators, grand rounds events, and panel discussions, this group is changing “best-practices” across disciplines.

The Interprofessional Community

The Interprofessional Community

TEDx Pasadena (link)

This diverse group of professionals have sponsored yearly events that push the envelope in topics relevant to community health, culture, and interpersonal connections.

Innovate Pasadena (link)

Innovate Pasadena is a non-profit group designed to stimulate technological development. It’s motto “Create an ecosystem where innovation thrives” is applied in weekly meetups, yearly #CONNECT event series, and supporting health technology ventures in Pasadena.

Young & Healthy Pasadena (link)

Young & Healthy connects underserved children with free medical, dental and mental healthcare through our volunteer doctors; help families with insurance enrollment and navigation; and provide referrals to local services. They are also changing culture in Pasadena as they lead the way in providing Trauma Informed Care to local hospitals and schools.