Concussions | The Lasting Side Effects and How Vital Can Help

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Are you or your loved one an athlete? Does your child want to pursue sports? Don't let a concussion stand in the way of your passions.

How can a concussion affect your life?

Concussions and other head and neck injuries are a growing epidemic among athletes with the number of reported concussions doubling to almost 4 million in the span of only 10 years. Even years after "recovering" from the cited trauma, patients suffer from persistent post-concussion symptoms including:

  • decreased cognitive function

  • chronic migraines

  • dizziness

  • memory loss

How can you test for a concussion? What can you do to best prevent these side effects?

After extensive research and collaboration, Vital Head & Spinal Care has developed the “Gold Standard” in Baseline Concussion Testing. The “Gold Standard” helps to better identify athletes most at risk for concussion injury, educate parents about proper concussion prevention and management, and use the latest technologies to more reliably test comprehensive brain function.

How exactly does the "Gold Standard" do this?

  1. Vision and Eye Movement: Over 50% of the brain is dedicated to vision processing and movement. Proper neurological function is essential for complex tasks like reading and catching a football. We use the highly reliable King-Devick Test, developed at the Mayo Clinic, for all athletes.

  2. Head & Neck Function: All concussions are compound injuries. While it takes an average of 95 gs of force to cause a concussion, it takes only 5 gs to create a neck injury. Vital nerves, sensors, and fluid dynamics depend on properly functioning Head & Neck function. Many symptoms include chronic headaches and dizziness; others can actually come from the neck manifesting in Persistent Post-Concussion Syndrome.

  3. Balance & Coordination: While most computer tests have high false positive rates and relatively low reliability, Dynamic Posturography and BESS tests are able to more reliably serve as baseline tests. By many researchers, they are considered the “Gold Standard” in baseline testing.

What is Vital doing to make a difference?

Over the years, Vital has helped over 2,000 children and adults restore function, increase coordination and decrease pain. We collaborate with many of the best local neurologists, physical therapists, neuropsychologists, and other interdisciplinary concussion practitioners to provide the highest levels of care. Not only do we want to help ease post-concussion symptoms, but we also want to help you and your loved ones understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. Our streamlined reports are designed to be user friendly for parents and are instrumental in helping doctors make better Return-to-School and Return-to-Play decisions.  We believe clear, accurate reports will help improve the triad of care around athlete concussions by increasing Parent Knowledge, School/Team liability, and Doctor care.


Have questions about the side effects of a concussion? Want to learn more about our baseline testing? Contact Vital today.