Already, my neck & head pain are 95% better. I can walk easier & stand up straighter. My memory has also improved. I know my body is now able to do what it was designed to do...heal.
— Lois H.

The National Institutes of Health...

“The goal of pain management is to improve function, enabling individuals to work, attend school, and participate in day-to-day activities. While not all pain is curable, all pain is treatable.” 


Vital takes treatment one step farther.

Don't you want more than mere “pain management?” Don't you want to avoid being yet another statistic? After all, pain is the leading cause of disability, with 76 million of us afflicted at any given time. Aren't you interested in living a fully productive life, the way it used to be?

Pain is a domino effect. Restless sleep means beginning each day low on energy but high on anxiety. You can't enjoy morning family time. Emotional peaks and valleys affect the ones you care about the most. You can barely concentrate at work. You're forced to take sick days, and productivity suffers. Many doctor visits later, the only solution is more medication which means more frustration.

The Atlas (vertebra) Subluxation Complex is likely at the heart of all that pain. If left uncorrected, not only will pain worsen, but additional chronic issues can also strike, because your body is vulnerable. Think of it as if you work overtime for weeks while you battle a bad cold. Eventually, your natural immune system weakens to a point where that cold can emerge as pneumonia.


There are thousands of ways an Atlas vertebra misalignment happens.


Just a few of many causes:

  • Birth canal trauma - both infant and mother
  • Birth-related postural defects
  • Acquired postural issues
  • Auto accident
  • Whiplash
  • Falls of all kinds
  • Concussions/head trauma
  • Work or workstation-related bodily stresses
  • Intubation during surgery
  • Serious illness or infection

Exclusive Work.
Exclusive Results.

  1. NUCCA doctors use exclusive examinations to determine if an Atlas vertebra misalignment exists.
  2. NUCCA doctors use exclusive calculations to determine how to precisely realign your Atlas vertebra.
  3. NUCCA doctors use exclusive applications of biomechanics and physics to restore your Atlas vertebra to its proper position.

90% fewer corrections than traditional chiropractic care are needed. Optimal central nervous system communication and function is achieved.  Low output but high-resolution x-rays eliminate guesswork and guarantee appropriate follow-up adjustments if/when needed.

Before you know it, you're immediately on a path to productive work days and workouts, joyful times with family and friends and a future filled with promise instead of pain.

The Vital 3-Phase Treatment.

Restore the Atlas vertebra to its proper position, enabling your brain to effectively communicate with your body once again.

Look beyond health as a state of body and instead pursue wellness as a permanent state of being through integrative care.

Heal and strengthen connective tissue to sustain your Atlas in its proper position and keep your neural pathway open.