NUCCA Spinal Care

Restores the vital connections between your brain and body.

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We understand the power to heal is inside you.

Your brain sends signals to your body to ensure optimal health, but injuries interrupt the flow of these signals, setting off cascades of symptoms resulting in pain and loss of mobility.

Conventional medical care often addresses the symptoms but we target the underlying source, removing interferences between the brain and the body to unlock your natural ability to heal.


Frequently Asked Questions

The top ten questions we hear from our patients:

What does NUCCA correction feel like?

Extremely gentle. No aggressive movement akin to traditional chiropractic; no cracking or yanking. Because it is so specific, the procedure requires only very light pressure on the base of the neck.

How safe is NUCCA?

Extremely! NUCCA is one of the safest treatments you'll find, because it is remarkably precise and, again, pain-free. No drugs. No surgery. No anxiety.

How will I feel after an initial NUCCA treatment?

Many people feel immediate symptom relief. Perhaps you may be slightly tired. Others may feel somewhat sore as your Atlas vertebra and body adjust, and prone to short-term light-headedness or tingling.

How does NUCCA compare to traditional medical treatment?

It doesn't! 95 percent of NUCCA patients experience positive outcomes rapidly and have fewer recurrences over time if committed to the treatment roadmap.

How do I know if NUCCA is right for me?

Vital doctors thoroughly evaluate candidates to determine whether or not treatment is appropriate. The consultation with the doctor is designed to evaluate your background history and determine if the doctor feels he/she can help you reach your goals. They even make referrals if NUCCA is not for you.

Will NUCCA really help my infant or toddler?

YES! From colic to acid reflux to other issues stemming from birth, babies benefit from care. And because it's gentle, trauma is also eliminated.

Is NUCCA treatment difficult and lengthy?

No - the initial phase of care is 8 weeks, and fairly simple on your end. We expect you to start feeling better within weeks! The doctors will give recommendations to help so that over time, they can continue to see you less and less often. We typically recommend to at least maintain your alignment for one year to allow your body to experience healing.

A year is still a year -- why does it take that amount of time?

It takes time for ligaments to heal. Conditions don't happen overnight, so why should solutions? After phase 1, you'll only need maintenance treatment to ensure the best outcome.

How will I know if my Atlas vertebra is out of proper alignment?

Practice and time! Your NUCCA doctor teaches you to maintain proper position and detect issues. Periodic checkups are a good idea too, just like a dentist. 

Will insurance cover NUCCA treatment?

Depends. Most insurances only cover treatments targeting the symptoms, not the root cause. Because we look at how the brain may actually be at the root of your problems, it’s not typically covered by insurance. However, we do provide receipts with codes for insurance (superbills) which may apply toward your insurance or deductible. We offer different payment options for our patients.



Should I be skeptical about NUCCA?

That also depends!

An investment in health is the most important investment you can make. So, you should be wise about such investments. Consumers are justifiably concerned about health offerings of all kinds, whether surgical, procedural or medicinal. NUCCA has been around for 50 years. It is not new science, but it is unique, highly specialized and utilized by tens of thousands of patients over decades. Ultimately, you must be the judge of whether or not you wish to reverse pain with a more holistic, cause-based method.