Specialized NUCCA treatment opens a critical gateway to the brain so that your body can do what it's supposed to do.



NUCCA Changes Lives.

You work a long day. You run errands. You pick up the kids after school. You go to yoga class. You plan a weekend getaway. But no matter what you do or where you are, that persistent pain still follows you around like a seriously uninvited guest -- nonetheless, one that demands your attention. The irony is that without these painful reminders, you rarely think about how complex your body actually is as you navigate through life.

Circulatory system. Digestive system. Immune system. Respiratory system. Lymphatic system. Urinary system. Reproductive system. Skeletal system. Muscular system. The complexity of it all boggles the mind. And speaking of the mind, your nervous system is arguably the most complex system and an intricate pathway that connects the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Think of it like your personal fuse box.


When that intricate pathway becomes compromised from an injury, posture or even birth, your body can’t properly transmit vital information for healing.


When you cut your hand, you apply a bandage and let your body do the rest. When you break a limb, your bone is set and your body does the rest. So, why don’t other issues mend the same way?

The top vertebra in your spinal column is known as C-1 or Atlas. This ring-like bone is a critical gateway to the head and brain. Nerve information flows from your body through the spine toward the brain. If the Atlas is not properly aligned, your body fails to receive signals it needs to properly trigger and sustain its built-in healing capacity. Hello, chronic pain.

A unique treatment called NUCCA -- a combination of math, science, physics and biomechanics -- realigns your Atlas so your personal fuse box can do what it does best… prevent pain! Perhaps the biggest difference of all is that NUCCA is entirely gentle, non-invasive and drug-free. With gentle pressure at the top of the neck and a series of brief, precise corrections you are immediately on a path to productive work days and workouts, joyful times with family and friends and a future filled with promise instead of pain. Ultimately, this perfectly integrated three-stage process of Vital Repair, Vital Renewal and Vital Living enables you to be the very best you.

  Dr. Licata performing a follow-up NUCCA correction on a patient

Dr. Licata performing a follow-up NUCCA correction on a patient


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Balance is the key.

Your head is as heavy as a
bowling ball.

Between your brain and your skull, you literally have some serious weight on your shoulders. When that weight is shifted off the center of the top of the neck and held in a misaligned position by muscles and ligaments, it disrupts the efficient flow of vital neural information from the brain to the rest of your body, including and most importantly, your built-in ability to protect and heal.


Any restriction of those vital signals can affect every part of your body... mobility, breathing, digestion, circulation and more.


The weight of the head is most often shifted off axis due to an accident or injury. Thereafter, the spine, limbs and other organs over-compensate by shifting into improper and highly stressed positions. Millions of electrical and chemical impulses try to shuttle back and forth through the nervous system, but they can't reach their destinations. Soon, the neck tilts. Then, one leg drops below the other. One hip rolls higher or lower. Muscles torque and tangle. Vital organs buckle under the the wear and tear. And, before you know it, pain controls almost every hour of every day and night.

Ultimately, correcting the Atlas means correcting the body so it can do what it's designed to do -- fend off threats, heal efficiently and sustain health



A brief history.

What do the famed Howard Johnson's Motel chain and NUCCA have to do with one another? Simple: it's where the now renowned health procedure took flight!

Just like those brainy college kids who launched visionary tech companies from their garages or inventors who plugged away in their basements before summoning the world, the very first NUCCA convention was held within a Howard Johnson's meeting room in Monroe, Michigan back in 1966.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


The following have always been the top ten questions from our patients.

What does NUCCA correction feel like?

Gentle! No aggressive movement akin to traditional chiropractic. NO cracking or yanking. The procedure requires only very light pressure on the base of the neck.

How safe is NUCCA?

Extremely! NUCCA is one of the safest treatments you'll find, because it is remarkably precise and, again, pain-free. No drugs. No surgery. No anxiety.

How will I feel after an initial NUCCA treatment?

Better! Perhaps you may be slightly tired, somewhat bodily sore as your Atlas vertebra and body adjust, and prone to short term light-headedness or tingling.

How does NUCCA compare to traditional medical treatment?

It doesn't! 95 percent of NUCCA patients experience positive outcomes rapidly and have fewer recurrences over time if committed to the treatment roadmap.

How do I know if NUCCA is right for me?

Expertise! Vital doctors thoroughly evaluate candidates to determine whether or not treatment is appropriate. They even make referrals if NUCCA is not for you.

Will NUCCA really help my infant or toddler?

YES! From colic to acid reflux to other issues stemming from birth, babies benefit from care. And because it's gentle, trauma is also eliminated.

Is NUCCA treatment difficult and lengthy?

No! Repair is about 2 months. Renewal is 8-10 months. Living is optional, but highly recommended for long-term health. BUT, you'll feel better within weeks!

A year is still a year -- why does it take that amount of time?

Maintenance! Conditions don't happen overnight, so why should solutions? After phase 1, you'll only need maintenance treatment to ensure the best outcome.

How will I know if my Atlas vertebra is out of proper alignment?

Practice and time! Your NUCCA doctor teaches you to maintain proper position and detect issues. Periodic checkups are a good idea too, just like a dentist. 

Will insurance cover NUCCA treatment?

Depends! We help verify if your policy covers care. We also offer a "superbill" for insurance providers. Pre-pay, revolving pay and per-visit pay plans are offered.


Should I be skeptical about NUCCA?

That also depends!

An investment in health is the most important investment you can make. So, you should be wise about such investments. Consumers are justifiably concerned about health offerings of all kinds, whether surgical, procedural or medicinal. NUCCA has been around for 50 years. It is not new science, but it is unique, highly specialized and utilized by tens of thousands of patients over decades. Ultimately, you must be the judge of whether or not you wish to reverse pain with a more holistic, cause-based method.