Our integrative care partners are vitally important for continued health.

Integrative care addresses a broad range of physical, mental, social and environmental influences that affect your health. Our Pasadena Integrative Community of Health Partners is a vibrant collective of the area's visionary practitioners who are committed to a patient’s unique needs and circumstances. Our partners employ specific and appropriate interventions from a wide range of scientific disciplines in order to attain optimum health.

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Partner List

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Focus: Integrative Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Regenerative Injection Therapies, Anti-Aging Therapies, Prolotherapy, IV Nutritional Therapies

Website: www.opthealthwellness.com


Focus: Holistic Cardiology, Holistic Primary Care, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, 

Additional Training: Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrition and Fitness, Health Coaching

Website: www.drcynthia.com

Website: www.holistichealingheartcenter .com


Practice: Touchpoint Family Therapy

Focus: Anxiety and Depression in individuals, Distress in relationships (couples, partners, families), using Emotionally Focused Therapy

Website: www.touchpointfamilytherapy.co m

Wendy Yu

Focus: Women’s health and pediatrics, General Medicine, Fertility, Women's Health, Rheumatology

Company Name: Lotus Center for Integrative Medicine

Website: www.lotuscenter.com

Cathy Ng, DC

Focus: Prenatal and Pediatric Care, Family Wellness, Webster Technique and Koren Specific Technique

Company Name: Living Family Chiropractic

Website: NaturalLivingChiro.com

Dr. Jerry Lee

Focus: Triad of Health, Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Acupuncture

Company Name: Kin Health & Wellness

Website: www.kinhealthwellness.com

Joy Lunt

Focus: Registered Nurse, Biofeedback Certification, Senior Fellow, Neurofeedback

Email Address: eegloy@aol.com

Coleen Crosby

Focus: Massage Therapist, TRE Provider (Tension Release Exercises), TRE L.A. LLC Provider

Website: www.trelosangeles.com

Anne Albrecht

Focus: Acupuncturist, L.Ac.

Company Name: Little Lotus Pediatrics

Website: www.littlelotuspediatrics.com

Teya Wolvington

Focus: Core Fitness, Chek Exercise Coach, Check Practitioner Level 1

Company Name: Core Connection Los Angeles

Website: www.coreconnectionla.com

Harvey Slater

Focus: Certified Holistic Nutritionist (HNC) with the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA)

Company Name: Harvey Slater Wellness Professional

Website: www.HarveySlater.com

Peter Bedard MA, C.Ht.

Focus: Trauma, Chronic Pain, Hypnotherapy

Website: www.createyourhealth.com

Website: www.convergencehealing.com


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