Dr. Licata on national television.

Dr. Licata explains how NUCCA can help infants.

The "Power of NUCCA" documentary.

Doctors and patients share powerful stories about their passion for the practice of NUCCA.

Hit TV Show "The Doctors" Features NUCCA.

The Emmy Award-winning and long-running TV series showcased how NUCCA treatment transformed a woman's life.

NUCCA on iconic "Good Morning America."

Robin Roberts reports how research suggests that NUCCA helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the need for medication.

NUCCA turns tragedy into triumph.

A devastating crash put world-famous drag racer Tony Schumacher into a life and death situation, but NUCCA helped turn around his life and career.

Educational video for a NUCCA correction.

An educational video exhibiting the impact of an upper cervical adjustment on the spine.

How a NUCCA correction is calculated.

An interesting view of the precision by which NUCCA corrections are both calculated and administered.