"I was skeptical...but I have gone from having chronic headaches, severe debilitating pain, and depression to feeling like a million bucks."

-Daniele S., Veterinary Office Manager


Vital is a Clinically Proven Process
for Feeling Better and Living Bigger

The delicate, non-surgical, non-medicinal neck and spinal care solution our doctors offer has changed thousands of lives. NUCCA is a gentle clinical specialty that restores vital connections between the brain and the body so you can feel better, live bigger, reverse pain and defend against a host of health challenges. Patients come to us seeking treatment for chronic pain, help when there are concussion symptoms and treatment is needed, TMJ headache treatment and other specific treatments our headache specialist offers. Contact us for a free consultation.

1. Gently adjust the Atlas vertebra to its proper position, restoring communication between your brain and body.

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2. Heal and strengthen connective tissue to sustain your Atlas in its proper position and keep your neural pathway open.

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3. Look beyond health as a state of body and instead pursue wellness as a permanent state of being through integrative care.

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Pain is Part of Being Human, but it Doesn’t Have to Define You.

Back pain, neck pain, headaches, Sciatica, car injury, concussion symptoms, whiplash, and more. In fact, a third of us live with chronic pain. These ailments can be related to issues such as fatigue, acid reflux, dizziness, insomnia, high blood pressure, even anxiety and depression. 

A Unique Solution.

Vital Head & Spinal Care is a visionary team of chiropractors and integrative health specialists who offer a unique solution to optimize your body’s built-in ability to heal and enhance your potential to thrive for years to come.

Gentle and Safe.

Best of all, our care is gentle and safe, without any twisting or popping!

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Dr. Giancarlo Licata tells a national TV audience
how even infants and toddlers benefit from NUCCA care.


Only 220 NUCCA doctors in the United States!

 NUCCA combines math, science and biomechanics
with ENTIRELY GENTLE corrections.