Begin living with less pain,
less worry, and more energy.

NUCCA is much better than going to your traditional doctor. It’s long term healing, not a quick fix. And you get a better idea of how your spine and body work. I am able to sleep again!
— Michael V.

You're on your way.

VITAL REPAIR helps correct the Atlas vertebra, so you can begin healing and feel like yourself again. VITAL RENEWAL strengthens your ability to keep the Atlas in its proper position so you can do what you want, when you want, without disturbance and dysfunction.  Meaning, pain no longer rules the day.

Vital Renewal is about staying ahead of the problem, rather than behind it. Think of it this way. You understand the consequences if you remove a bandage too soon, step on concrete before it sets or use a broken pot before the glue dries. The bottom line... healing takes time. It's certainly no different with your spine and nervous system.

This is why NUCCA care proactively continues to address the cause of your pain, not the symptoms. Over the next 12 months, we focus on healing and strengthening connective tissue and nerves.

The neural pathway is like a conductor. It acquires vital internal and external information and distributes it at lightning speed to body parts including the stomach, lungs, heart, brain and muscles so that they can respond immediately and effectively. As your Atlas position reinforces, harmful neural interference is avoided, and your body is finally and fully able to foster healthy responses.

You begin to live bigger. Vital monitors and guides you through various levels of strength and stability treatment, including periodic Atlas checkups, diagnostic testing and a regimen of appropriate exercise. Your life transforms in more ways than you may even think possible. Renewed body balance can relieve painful compression, known as spinal stenosis. Premature muscular and joint weakness and impaired mobility can be reversed. Restored nerve activity ends chronic indigestion and reflux. And, anxiety and hypertension become a thing of the past.

What does it ultimately mean? You engage workdays with full focus and improved productivity. You enjoy longer morning runs without agonizing strides.  You go out with friends at night and take weekend family getaways not having to worry about crippling interruptions. And, you finally approach life with a clear mind and an able body.

As patients sustain a level of strength and stability to keep the Atlas in its proper position, they are able to transition to Phase 3, known as Vital Living. Though this phase is optional, Vital highly recommends that your take advantage of a carefully curated host of integrated practitioners and resources that continue to help you thrive through life’s peaks and valleys. Don’t YOU want to protect the most important investment you could ever make... your health? 

Next Step

Strengthen connective tissue to sustain your Atlas in its proper position, and keep your neural pathway open.