Restore function and begin
to feel better within weeks.

Already, my neck & head pain are 95% better. I can walk easier & stand up straighter. My memory has also improved. I know my body is now able to do what it was designed to do...heal.
— Lois H.

First, let's take a look at the nervous system.


Opening the critical gateway.

Now that you've seen how the central and peripheral nervous systems function, think about what happens if the gateway between the body and brain was not opened correctly and began to store lots and lots of interference. When a garden hose gets kinked, water cannot properly flow through, and the garden suffers. When your Atlas is not in its proper position, vital neural information cannot flow between the brain and body, and you suffer too.

The purpose of this stage of care is:

  • Determine if NUCCA is right for you

  • Create a plan to restore function and improve pain


Your First Visit:
Your well-being must be the priority. That requires doctors to not only be on your side but also to look at the big picture. During your first visit, we explore your medical history and current symptoms. We also perform diagnostic tests, including posture evaluation, nerve function, and composite 3-D x-rays, to understand your challenges and determine if NUCCA care is the best solution.  If it is not, we help you find the right practitioner for your unique needs.  

8-Week Care Plan:
This initial stage involves a series of precise and extremely gentle corrections to the Atlas region at the base of the head - with no cracks or harsh adjustments up and down the spine. Once x-rays determine that the Atlas has been sufficiently restored, you’re sent home with a specific plan of visits, rest, and exercise.  Further check-ups and corrections will be made 1-2 times per week for the first 8 weeks. Two comprehensive examinations along the way ensure that you improve according to plan and are ready to move on to the next phase. 

What to Expect

You’ll experience effects of physical change that include tissue healing, changes in symptoms, fewer bad days and gradually increasing “good days.” Neurological and physical adjustments include better movement, posture and strength and less pain and anxiety... even potential improvements in blood pressure. Soon enough, you'll be able to get down on the floor with your children, roll about and rise to your feet without the crush of pain.

Have pain meds, steroid injections, and surgery worked for you so far? Unfortunately, most conventional insurance usually only covers these conventional treatments. However, many PPO insurance plans will cover some of the costs of NUCCA care. We will provide you a “superbill” and necessary information to submit for insurance reimbursement. We also make payments affordable and manageable so that you get the care you need to start living the life you want  

Next Steps

Once this first phase is complete, and your NUCCA doctor is satisfied with your progress, you will discuss moving to Phase 2.  Look beyond health as a state of body and instead pursue wellness as a permanent state of being through integrative care.